The Story of Prophet Nuh (Noah)

The story of Prophet Nuh (Noah) is an ancient tale of survival, faith, and divine intervention. He lived in ancient Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), nearly 1000 years after Prophet Adam. He was a very patient man and an excellent speaker. Prophet Nuh was sent to his people to guide them toward the path of righteousness and to warn them about the impending punishment from Allah Almighty due to their polytheistic ways. The people of Nuh had deviated from the true monotheistic belief in Allah and had begun to worship idols.

But despite the constant preaching of Prophet Nuh, his people refused to repent and continued their sinful ways. They mistreated him badly and ignored his teachings. He lived and preached for hundreds of years, but only a small number of people followed him.

The Ark

Seeing no progress in his mission, Prophet Nuh received Allah Almighty’s instructions to build a massive ark or ship. This was to serve as a means of salvation for believers and a symbol of divine judgment for the disbelievers. The ark was to be constructed using strong and durable materials, capable of withstanding the heavy flood that would soon engulf the land. The ship was to be big enough to accommodate the believing people and pairs of each animal. So, for many years, he first planted trees and waited for them to grow.

Meanwhile, Prophet Nuh continued with his call to his people, inviting them to abandon their idolatry and return to true worship of Allah. He highlighted the consequences of their actions and warned them about the impending punishment if they failed to heed his advice. The call of Prophet Nuh was met with ridicule and mockery, as the people believed he was merely a human being like themselves.

The Ark’s Construction

With unwavering faith and determination, Prophet Nuh started the construction of the ark. When the trees were ready to be cut for wood, he started building the ship with help from the people who chose to believe in his message. As the people mocked him, he continued to build, maintaining his trust in Allah. The ark took many years to complete, during which Prophet Nuh tirelessly worked day and night. The disbelievers would pass by and laugh, failing to understand the significance of the ark. After some time, the ark was finally finished and ready. Prophet Nuh waited for Allah Almighty’s sign for the flood.

The Flood

Finally, the fateful day arrived when the storm came and heavy rain began to fall. The land was inundated, and the entire region was engulfed by a catastrophic flood. As per Allah Almighty’s command, Prophet Nuh, along with a group of believers and animals, boarded the ark. They were protected by Allah’s mercy, while the rest of the people drowned. The entire Earth was flooded by water, and no one survived except for those on board the ship.

The Aftermath

After the flood subsided, the ark settled on Mount Judi (in Turkey, near the Syrian & Iraqi borders). Prophet Nuh and his followers emerged from the ark, stepping onto the rejuvenated earth. They were grateful to Allah for their survival and prayed for His forgiveness. Allah, in His mercy, accepted their repentance, and Prophet Nuh’s mission was finally fulfilled.

The story of Prophet Nuh emphasizes the importance of patience and trust in Allah’s plan. Despite facing constant rejection and ridicule from his people, Prophet Nuh persevered and continued to build the ark. This unwavering trust in Allah’s command is a testament to the strength of his faith and serves as a valuable lesson for all believers.


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