Essential Steps of Wudu: Purification for Prayer

Wudu is a purification process that every Muslim needs to do before their prayer can be performed. Without making Wudu, the prayer will not be accepted.

Steps of Wudu #

Step 1 – Make the intention in your heart to make wudu.

Step 2 – Say ‘Bismillah Ar-Rehman Ar-Raheem’ (I start in the name of Allah Almight, the merciful, the specially merciful).

Step 3 – Wash both of your hands 3 times. Always start with the right hand first as it is the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Step 4 – Rinse your mouth thoroughly 3 times using your right hand to hold the water.

Step 5 – Rinse your nose gently 3 times by sniffing water into your nostrils.

Step 6 – It is necessary to wash the entire face. This refers to your entire head, from top to bottom and from ear to ear. Repeat three times.

Step 7 – Wash your arms three times, from the fingertips to the elbow. Make sure nothing is left dry. Do this with your right arm first, and after that, repeat the procedure three times with your left arm.

Step 8 – Make your hands wet and then move them from the top of the forehead to the back of the head, and then from the back of the head to the forehead. This is done only once. This process is the same for hair types, long or short, or even if you are bald.

Step 9 – Using the same wet hands as for step 8, you will use your index fingers to clean the inside of your ears and your thumb to clean the area behind your ears. This is only done once.

Step 10 – Wash your feet three times. Begin with your toes on your right foot and wash up to and including your ankle. Make sure water touches every part of the right foot, especially between the toes and the back of the ankle. Do this three times, with the right foot first, followed by the left foot.

Step 11 – Recite the Shahadah after this last step and your wudu is complete.

Things that break Wudu #

The following actions will break your wudu:

  • Sleeping
  • Passing gas
  • Using the bathroom


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