The Story of Prophet Saleh: Destruction of Thamud

Prophet Saleh was chosen by Allah Almighty to guide the people of ‘Thamud’, a tribe that lived in an ancient civilization located in the Arabian Peninsula.

The historical context

The Thamud people were known for their remarkable abilities in constructing grand buildings within mountains. They were blessed with fertile lands, which gave them crops, and they lived in beautifully built houses. However, they gradually deviated from worshipping Allah Almighty and began to indulge in acts of immorality and transgressions. They started worshipping idols. They became arrogant with all their material wealth and were ungrateful to Allah Almighty. It was during this time of spiritual decline that Allah sent Prophet Saleh to guide them back to the righteous path.

Prophet Saleh’s Mission

Prophet Saleh set out on his mission to spread the word of pure monotheism to the Thamud people after being chosen as a messenger from Allah Almighty. He was a very wise and well-respected person among his people. He invited them to abandon their idolatry and worship only Allah, telling them again and again that Allah Almighty alone holds the power to create and sustain life. But they rejected his message and kept on worshipping their idols. Nevertheless, Prophet Saleh kept on trying to convert them to monotheism.

The Miraculous She-Camel

One day, the people got together and demanded that he show them a miracle for them to believe in one God. They asked that God create a she-camel and make it appear before them, and in return, they promised to start believing in Allah Almighty.

In response to their demand, Prophet Saleh prayed to Allah Almighty to show them this miracle and provide them with a unique she-camel, a creation unlike any they had seen before. Allah Almighty granted him this request, and so appeared a she-camel out of nowhere. This she-camel was a divine blessing meant to serve as a test of the people’s faith and obedience. The people of Thamud were in awe of this spectacle, amazed by the power of the Almighty. However, their curiosity soon turned into disbelief, and they refused to acknowledge the miraculous sign as a divine revelation.

The She-Camel: A Test of Obedience

As a test of their obedience and faith, Prophet Saleh instructed the people of Thamud to treat the she-camel with the utmost care and respect. They were to allow her to graze freely and provide her with ample water. This simple command was a reflection of their willingness to follow God’s instructions and their ability to display compassion towards all of creation.

Disregard and cruelty

Unfortunately, despite witnessing the incredible miracle of the she-camel, many of the Thamud people refused to accept Prophet Saleh’s message. They let their arrogance blind them and chose to mock and reject the prophet, questioning the purpose of this unconventional sign. The people of Thamud shamelessly disregarded his instructions. They ill-treated the she-camel, denying her access to water and ignoring her basic needs. Some Thamud members made an evil plan and killed her. Their actions displayed tremendous cruelty and reinforced their arrogance and defiance towards the divine message.

The Divine Wrath

After witnessing the absolute disregard and cruelty of Thamud, Allah Almighty decided that they had crossed the limits of forgiveness. The destruction of Thamud became inevitable.

At an appointed time from Allah Almighty, a deafening blast engulfed the community of Thamud, accompanied by a severe earthquake. The disaster was swift and fatal, completely obliterating their civilization. The arrogance, idolatry, and cruelty that had permeated their existence were erased from the face of the earth.

Lessons from the Destruction of Thamud

The story of Prophet Saleh and the Thamud civilization emphasizes the importance of recognizing and obeying the true message of monotheism.

The people of Thamud showed arrogance, idol worship, and cruelty, which eventually led to their cataclysmic downfall.


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