The Story of Prophet Shoaib

Prophet Shoaib was sent as a messenger to the people of Madyan by Allah Almighty. Madyan was an ancient town that is located in present-day northwestern Saudi Arabia, in the region of Tabuk. The city of Madyan has been mentioned in both the Quran and the Torah.

City of Madyan: Historical Background

The people of Madyan were known for their widespread disobedience, corruption, and fraudulent practices. They would steal and rob passersby, and they were unfair in their business dealings with each other. They engaged in a variety of sinful behaviors, such as collecting interest on money, lying to customers in order to gain their business, and not being honest in their trades. They also committed idolatry by worshiping a huge tree. This is why the people of Madyan were also called “Dwellers of the Wood”.

Prophet Shoaib’s Teachings

Prophet Shoaib was a gifted speaker and worked hard towards spreading the message of Allah Almighty and guiding the Midianites to do good actions and to worship no one else but Allah Almighty. Prophet Shoaib not only guided the people towards monotheism, but he also taught them about fairness and integrity. He taught people the importance of justice, honesty, and ethical conduct in all walks of life. He urged them to stand against corruption and exploitation. He wanted to create a fair and peaceful society where the weak are protected. By upholding justice, Prophet Shoaib aimed to establish harmony and welfare for all people.

Prophet Shoaib’s Patience and Perseverance

The Midianites had no desire to worship Allah Almighty or give up their unethical means of doing business. Prophet Shoaib tried day and night to teach them and show them the right path, but they refused to listen to what he had to say. Despite everything, Prophet Shoaib remained steadfast and continued with his message.

The people of Madyan were so arrogant that they asked Prophet Shuaib to ask Allah Almighty to inflict any punishment upon them, and they forcefully banished Prophet Shoaib and his followers from Madyan. Turning to Allah Almighty, Prophet Shoaib prayed to the All-Powerful to choose between the believers and the disbelievers.

The Divine Punishment

As a consequence of rejecting Prophet Shoaib’s message and persisting in their unjust ways, the people of Madyan faced divine punishment. Once Prophet Shoaib and the believers were at a safe distance, the punishment from Allah Almighty started with unbearable hot weather.

The next day, a huge, dark black cloud filled the sky. Upon seeing it, the people thought it would be the end of the scorching heat. They all rejoiced and gathered under the cloud, hoping it would bring refreshing and cool rain.

Surprisingly, the Madyan disbelievers had no idea that a gigantic thunderstorm came along, followed by an earthquake, and took away their lives. The roaring thunderbolts, heavy rainfalls, and raging fire drowned out the cries of the people of Madyan, leaving them lifeless within the comfort of their own homes.

When Prophet Shoaib and his followers returned to Madyan, they were shocked to see the fate of the disbelievers. However, they didn’t feel any regret as Prophet Shoaib had already fulfilled his duty and worked tirelessly to warn the Midianites, but they chose not to listen.

The story of Prophet Shoaib serves as a reminder of the consequences that await those who defy the call for justice and righteousness.

Prophet Shoaib and Prophet Musa (Moses)

It is believed that when Prophet Musa escaped from Egypt, he found refuge in Madyan. This is where Prophet Musa met Prophet Shoaib and married one of his daughters. By this time, Prophet Shoaib was very old and needed someone to help him take care of his sheep.

So, Prophet Shoaib hired Prophet Musa to take care of his sheep for 8 years and 10 additional years, and he also married one of his daughters to Prophet Musa.


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